Software for planning preventive maintenance (MPS)


Software for planning preventive maintenance

MPS (MAINTANCE PLANNING SYSTEM) is software for planning and predicting the maintenance of machines and equipment. On the basis of the digitally received and processed data, statistical processing and prediction of future failures is carried out. In this way, we reduce maintenance after reporting a failure, and the number of preventive services increases, which on average reduces
downtime and losses in work (20-40) %. Thus, the productivity of production increases in similar percentages.

    MPS obtains information about the state of critical parameters of the machine using the LoRa network and the sensor system (Industrial Internet of Things – IIOT). On the other hand, it connects with the ERP software to check the stock of spare parts, and to launch orders for the supply of missing parts in time.

    MPS is also linked to production planning software (if available) to synchronize maintenance and production processes. The software itself contains the following elements: maintenance preparation, IOT platform for data collection and processing, maintenance work order planning (work planning and spare parts planning), work order execution monitoring, reporting system.

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