MES (Manufacturing execution software)

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

A manufacturing management system (MES) is an information system that connects, monitors and controls complex production systems and data flows in a factory. The main goal of MES is to ensure efficient running of production operations and improve production performance.

MES collects data on raw materials, semi-finished products, products, performance, traceability, material management and work-in-progress and other activities in the factory. This data enables decision makers to monitor, organize the shop floor and optimize the production process.

    Who is it intended for

    Our MES is the result of domestic experts and is fully adaptable to your processes (Tailor Made). It is intended for production companies, both small and medium and large companies, regardless of what type of production you are engaged in.

    It is modular in nature, so you don’t have to buy modules that you won’t use, as is the case with some similar solutions.

    Our development team can develop special applications and refinements that are specific only to your production process and fit and integrate it into the entire MES information system. We have developed special modules for companies engaged in the production and processing of fruits and vegetables, and other agricultural products.


      It enables full control over the production process.

      Eliminates activities that do not create added value.

      Proactively and systematically standardizes and implements processes over locations.

      Efficient management of inventory and commodity flows in real time.

      Enables real-time traceability and control in the manufacturing supply chain.

      It speeds up the analysis of the causes of production downtime and problem solving.

      Continually improves product quality.

      Assists in data-driven strategic and operational planning.

      It shortens the production cycle time.

      Increases utilization of machines and equipment.

      Reduces production costs.

      It has a modular character.

      Tailor made. (fully customizable to your processes).

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