Production Planning Software (APS)

(Advanced Planning System)

Production planning software

ADVANCED PLANNING SYSTEM (APS) is production planning software. It enables planning for individual production/projects (engineering to order), planning for small batch production for a known customer (Make to Order – MTO), planning for production for stocks (Make to Stock – MTS), Planning for process industry.

    The software plans the following processes: production preparation, long-term planning, Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP), master production plan, Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), shift-level
    production scheduling with work order scheduling optimization, demand plan for materials (Material Requirements Planning – MRP), optimization of procurement and inventory using techniques: MRP, reorder point (ROP), economic order quantity (EOQ), period order quantity (Period Order Quantity – POQ), safety and optimal stocks and optimal number of days of stock holding.

    There is also a special module for calculating production costs using the Activity Based Costing method, which provides the most accurate possible results.

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