Transport and distribution optimization

Increase the efficiency of your transport

You have high transportation costs?

Can't send all deliveries to customers?

You have frequent delays and problems in delivering goods to customers?

Drivers do not manage to deliver the goods to all customers?

Returns of goods occur due to non-delivery or wrong delivery?


Reduction of transport costs compared to the initial state

Transport cost optimization

Detailed transport cost analysis.

Identification of major cost generators.

Cost reduction action plans.

Reduction of transport costs in the amount of up to 20% compared to the initial state

Cost forecast for the next period.

Creating a logistics rebate calculation for carriers that provide their 3PL services to other companies.

Increasing transport efficiency

Planning the most optimal routes for a large number of deliveries.

Delivery restrictions (time of receipt, driveway, vehicle category, city or intercity delivery, collection of returns ....)

Planning for a large number of deliveries per vehicle, with minimal costs.

Ability to track and change the route in real time.

Defining priority deliveries.

Load optimization and maximum utilization of vehicle cargo space.

Delivery / order tracking

Real-time delivery tracking.

Real-time communication with the driver via a smart application.

Possibility to send delivery announcement to customers with estimated arrival time (SMS, Email).

Electronic proof of delivery.

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