Interim management

The concept of temporary management is increasingly applied in many companies around the world in many areas, and most often in crisis situations and in periods of change that the company must implement.

If we talk about logistics and supply chain, companies often hire a temporary experienced manager when they have a problem. It often happens that companies neglect logistics and are focused exclusively on sales and / or production.

By neglecting logistics, after a certain time, logistics costs accumulate and the company becomes sluggish and bulky, starting to “eat” itself due to high and uncontrolled logistics costs. This is reflected in all other sectors in the company.

Also, due to the decline in logistics performance, there is a decline in service levels and this leads to poor customer service and customer dissatisfaction, which can cause poorer cash flow and falling profits.

What exactly do you get from us?

The apps, methods and tools we use have already been applied in more than 100,000 companies

An interim manager is a highly experienced manager specialized in logistics operations who can bring a certain problem under control within a certain period of time. It is usually from 6 months to a year.

We have a network of associates who can meet every challenge in logistics and supply chain. We can provide you with an interim manager who will start solving problems immediately and who will direct your logistics in the right direction through action plans. It will set key indicators of logistics performance, bring logistics costs under control or solve the problem of suboptimal inventories that cause OOS (out of stock) and missed sales.

If you have a problem, and you need an experienced logistician to bring the problem under control immediately, call us because we have a solution. We will provide you with an interim logistics manager who will put your logistics under control in a short period of time.

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