About us

We are a group of experienced professionals with more than 15 years of work experience in managerial positions in logistics and supply chains.

For years, we have successfully solved operational problems in logistics and supply chain in a large number of companies.

We have now decided to focus our knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years on helping the companies we work with to improve their logistics and supply chain.

What exactly do you get from us?

The apps, methods and tools we use have already been applied in more than 100,000 companies worldwide.

We can help in optimizing your supply chain, and free up your capital that is tied up in suboptimal stocks. We will remove OOS (out of stock), missed sales and rush orders.

We will help you reduce your total logistics costs, and also with our help the service level towards your customers will be better and thus your customers’ satisfaction will be higher.

We know how to increase the productivity of your warehouse and solve the problem of insufficient storage space in your warehouse, and your transport and distribution can be more productive and efficient.

We know how to improve the utilization of resources and capacity in logistics. We can increase productivity in logistics and set or revise key logistics performance indicators (KPIs) in your company.

We will remove “bottlenecks” and all types of losses (7 lean wastes) in logistics processes and your goods flows will have an optimal continuous flow.

Your production will not have any delays or interruptions in the supply of raw materials. With our help, your company can breathe.

We will reduce non-deliveries, erroneous deliveries and delays in the delivery of goods to your customers and increase the satisfaction of your customers. We will improve your customer service.

Contact us to help you and create world-class logistics in your company.

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