Transportation management system (TMS)

All companies that have their own fleet of vehicles to deliver goods to customers or pick up goods from customers have high transportation costs. If you want to reduce transportation costs the best way is to use TMS software with dynamic routing.

TMS calculates the most optimal route, and recalculates the route in real time. It often happens that a new request for delivery or returns collection  appears, and the vehicles have already gone to the field. In such situations, with the help of TMS, you add a new task, the software recalculates the route, and the driver gets a new task on the display of his smartphone. Two-way communication with the driver is done via a smart application.

Up to 40% savings in transportation costs

A special advantage of these software is load optimization, where the software calculates the load based on the main logistics data of the goods and the data of the cargo capacity of the vehicle. The goal is to load the maximum amount of goods into as few vehicles as possible, and align them with other restrictions and align with the route.

Finally, these software have the ability to administer the fleet, and create different types of reports that can be exported to excel and pdf.

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