Hire a logistician

Why an external logistician and what exactly do you get?

Why an external logistician?

Because it is cheaper for you as a company than classic employment.

Because you do not pay the gross salary as in the case of classic employment (there are no taxes and contributions).

Because you only pay for effective work (no paid leave, no paid vacation).

Because for the price of one, you get a team of experienced logisticians.

Because you do not spend your resources (office, computer, mobile phone, software licenses, official car).

What exactly do you get from us?

The apps, methods and tools we use have already been applied in more than 100,000 companies worldwide.

Management and organization

External management and administration of logistics or some part of logistics at a high level (warehouse, transport and distribution, customer service, inventory planning).

Organization of the logistics sector in your company.

Setting or redefining key logistics performance indicators (KPIs)-settings, monitoring, maintenance, reporting.

Logistics costs and cash flows

Logistics cost optimization (savings of up to 0.5% of turnover).

Budget planning and cost forecasting (planned vs realized).

Improvement of cash flow in your company.


Stock optimization piecemeal and financial.

Increasing storage capacity.

Better warehouse utilization.

Elimination of OOS and missed sales.

Elimination of "dead stock" and "slow move".

Weekly action plans for stock reduction.


Optimization of storage processes and increasing productivity of warehouses.

Increasing existing storage capacity and better utilization of storage.

Elimination of "bottlenecks" and losses in storage processes.

Optimal management of goods flows and continuous supply of production.

Transport and distribution

More efficient and productive transport and distribution (more deliveries during working hours).

Controlled transportation costs.

Regular collection returns of goods.

Customer service and service level

Better logistics service level to customers.

Fewer customer complaints.

Elimination of Failure modes (reasons for poor deliveries).

Greater customer satisfaction.

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