External supply chain management

If you have any of the following problems:

Logistic costs are high and out of control.


You have a problem with the appearance of OOS (out of stock) and missed sales because of that.

You are bothered by accumulated refunds and expired items.

You have losses on packaging and pallets.

If your warehouses and docks are cluttered with goods and congested and you don’t have enough storage space.

Transportation is inadequately utilized or you have high transportation costs.

You have a large number of complaints from customers.

If your "sale out" drops due to poor logistics performance.


the applications, methods and tools we use have already been applied in more than 100,000 companies worldwide.

Logistic costs

  • We know how to reduce your total logistics costs.
  • We can improve your cash flow and steer your company on the path of profit.
  • We will release part of your capital tied up in suboptimal stocks.


  • We will eliminate OOS (out of stock) and missed sales.
  • We will eliminate “dead stocks” and “slow movers.”
  • We can help you manage inventory in an optimal way.


  • We will eliminate bottlenecks in your warehouse.
  • We know how to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse.
  • We will organize your warehouse according to the “Pareto principle”.


  • We will define the most efficient way for your goods to reach your customers (route-to market).
  • We will optimize your transport and distribution.
  • We will put under control high transportation costs.

Customer service

  • We know how to improve your logistics service levels.
  • We will reduce “bad deliveries” to customers and the total number of customer complaints.
  • We will set or revise key indicators of logistics performance  (KPIs) in your company.


  • We will create action plans to increase the productivity of your logistics.
  • We will implement lean tools in your logistics (lean / kaizen / kanban).
  • We will train your employees in the logistics sector and help them be more productive.

Hire a team of experienced professionals who will successfully solve these problems.

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